Friday, June 8, 2018

The Myth of Cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism is the idea that leftists want to destroy the fabric of societal structures predominantly the hierarchy of the Western world. Cultural Marxism, unlike economic Marxism, focuses on social equality. But, according to some who twist this phenomenon, the theory entails tearing down society; calling for equality of outcome, not just equality of opportunity, but equality of outcome; which by definition is nonsensical. Equality of opportunity produces different results by the term "opportunity" itself. The far-right uses the term Cultural Marxism to smear social justice.

The Guardian

Surprising no one, the smear phrase is antisemitic, racist & xenophobia.
Cultural Marxist, according to right-wingers, want to take down Western Civilization from within; using feminist, globalism, collectivism, multiculturalism, sexuality, pop culture, environmentalism; by destroying "fundamental" societal hierarchy & crafting a repressive culture, so-called far-leftists can build a utopian worldview.

Although Postmodernism is synonymous with Cultural Marxism, the terms differ depending on the source. This theory goes back to the Frankfurt School, where a bunch of Marxist got together to turn a capitalist society into a communist one through different means. The problem with this assertion is most people of this elk believed in free speech and opposed Third Wave Feminism.

Some right-wing extremist viewed Marxism as a Jewish conspiracy. Like Cultural Marxism today, the right uses vague terminology to avoid the charge of antisemitism & racism.

Right-wingers also claim Post-Modern pushers destroy the Christian faith through the universities, art, multiculturalism, and collectivism. By de-Christianizing, it's not a refusal to love your neighbor, no the inference is the acceptance of homosexuality & embracing multiculturalism.

These words are dog-whistles to the radical right & lately even centrists have bought into this Cultural Marxism myth; wrapped in Postmodernism.

William S. Lind, who is an influential theorist of Cultural Marxism, believes hanging for crimes in "urban" areas, which of course, is meant as an overt racist trope for African-Americans. In 1989, he spoke at a conference and said political correctness on college campuses and Cultural Marxism were totalitarian ideologies turning America into small North Koreas. Arguing further, crossing the line and speaking out against feminism and homosexuality, for example, would find themselves in legal trouble. That sounds an awful lot like the rhetoric coming from the supposed "Dark Web Intellectuals" & out of the White House.

Proponents of the myth of cultural Marxism point to political correctness, and a few idiots waving a communist flag on college campuses to bolster phony "evidence" of neo-Marxist trying to destroy the West.

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