Thursday, June 21, 2018

To Say Americans Should Only Focus On American Children And Ignore Undocumented Immigrants Is False Choice

After seeing children in cages at various detention Trump child internment camps, people demanded answers. One photo, in particular, of a two-year-old Honduras girl pictured while authorities arrested her mother, captured the hearts of good people of America, not all of America agreed with having empthy for these children, but the majority of Americans felt for these kids. Not to take away from the struggling children in America, some of whom also face certain detention and the separation anxiety of parents going to jail or face poverty or inadequate medical care. Those issues don't go to the back burner, but in seeing the struggle of these undocumented children, it strengthens hope for American children, too. The emotion of empathy & compassion coupled with action builds a better society.

The compassion felt for these children at the southern border reflects the sympathy felt for suffering impoverished children in this country. What these children have in common with impoverished American children is a society that generally forgets of their existence. Out of sight, out of mind, some people don't want to see these children because it reminds them that society is much more complicated than themselves.

Over this past week, many right-wing Christians justified the separation of children in the most callous, I dare say socio-apathetic manner: why is the left so obsessed with these children? Abortion separates children too, ya know. Thus confirming what many on the left suggest, which is the right cares for children until they are born.

Many Americans, happy Trump caved on his policy of separating children from families at the Southern border, forget that this executive order does not include reuniting the families already torn apart by this zero-tolerance policy implemented 60 days ago. That's right, 60 days ago, not decades, not years.

Melania Trump on Thursday went to Texas to visit a detention center, which wasn't a real detention center, it was an evangelical center called "New Hope." While she canceled a visit at an actual kid prison of her husbands making. During the visit, boarding the flight, she wore a jacket, which read: "I really don't care, do u?" The message on that coat is clear: she doesn't give a damn about the kids suffering at the border.

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