Friday, June 29, 2018

Trash Conservative Christians Call For The Murder of Peaceful Protesters

Emboldened by Donald Trump, Religious Right activists Josh Bernstein & Bill Deagle implied anyone harassing a Donald Trump presidential cabinet member should face death. People who bother Republican politicians deserve death on sight, apparently.

With tensions from an unhinged president at an all-time high, Deagle declared that “these people need to understand, they’re not going to have a bad day, they’re going to die.”

Because of the vitriol spit by the Republican party leaders, and right-wing hate shows, it's no wonder conservatives have lost it.

According to Right Wing Watch, "Deagle said that if he had been on hand during the confrontation between Bondi and protesters, he would not only have pepper sprayed the protesters but “would have whipped out my concealed carry permit gun, and I would have blown them away and put them in a box.”

Unable to rationally debate issues, conservatives threaten to murder innocent protesters. A pastor told me, if you need a gun, you shouldn't have one because you're trigger happy & waiting for a confrontation ostensibly to use the weapon.

The two radio hosts made it clear, confrontation & putting folks on "ice" is their goal. These conservative radio shows push fear. But then again, scientific research shows conservatives' brains exact fear, which is why they elected a strong man who said he'd keep them safe.

According to Psychology Today:

Right-wingers, again, claim Maxine Waters called for violence against Trump supporters; Waters did not once mention violence. Maxine's poorly worded, what amounted to a stump speech, encouraged civil disobedience regarding the Trump administrations ignorant policies. I concede, the poorly chosen words made statement a topic of debate rather than the substance.

 Those calling for the abolishment of ICE should be put on "ice." This fascism is creeping into the minds of, otherwise, decent conservatives; but an unreasonable concern is a weapon.  

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