Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Trump Supporters Cheer Immigrant Family Separation

Let us not assume that the Trump administrations practice of ripping brown children from their parents isn't about the race of the undocumented immigrant. Let us also get straight: seeking asylum is not a crime; even if folks skipped the entry point, seeking refuge is not a crime. Illegal immigrants can be turned around, most are, but separating children from their parents is a new practice implemented by the White House. So, when Trump says, it's Democrats policies causing large swaths of folks from Central America to seek asylum because they want open borders, it is a lie. Democrats want immigration reform, not open borders. That is an old right-wing talking point to scare conservative voters, who by definition operate on fear. Plenty of studies backs this claim up.

The racist strain of the Republican Party is fine with the removal of parents from children, which is said to be a deterrent for people crossing the border. The policy has not deterred folks.

Recently, right-wingers ask, why weren't people concerned about this before? It's simple: while folks faced deportation for illegal entry, families remained together. So, yes, the government previously deported families at an even higher rate than Trump but separated families is a new policy implemented roughly two months ago. The administration considered the course of action after Trump's inauguration but feared backlash; however, with border crossing up from Central American countries, Trump felt weak on immigration, which pushed DHS to separate families.

Trump supporters are happy with the new policy of 'caging' children like zoo animals. Some saying the children have it great. The children go to school, receive snacks, play video games, according to the government.

Other right-wingers articulate the kids should suffer because their parents broke the law. The families need to know to break the law has consequences and bringing family members does not preclude prosecution, they say.

Larua Ingrahm said it's basically summer camp for these kids. At summer camp, children know where their parents are, and parents know where their children can be located. That's not the case in this instance; parents often don't know where their children are.

No no no!!!!! This is not who we are!! We’ve seen this in third world countries and the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ have often condemned those countries on human rights violations!! We are better than this!!
As a Christian, I abhor the policy of ripping children from their families as I am sure Christ would be enraged.

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