Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Want To Stop Undocumented Immigration? Jail Employers Who Hire Them

As the country continues to grapple with an unprecedented influx of undocumented immigrants predominately at the south-west border, people wonder what can be done to stop people from making the dangerous journey to enter the United States, most of who face immediate deportation.

Besides the failed war on drugs and political corruption & drug cartels plaguing Central America, rich white business owners employee undocumented immigrants; illegal immigrants work for less and have no problem doing jobs Americans won't do. For example, many illegal immigrants work do farm work or work for meat packing plants and construction sites.

Once you start putting business owners in jail for breaking the law by hiring illegally, the incentive for coming to America dwindles. Even in Mexico, businesses place ads in papers encouraging immigrants to come to the United States.

It should come as a surprise to no one that employers richly benefit from undocumented workers. Organizations get grants to run daycares for field workers, who they know are undocumented.
I worked for an organization once, when they thought ICE was going to come to the school, the kids remained at home for the week. People are making money off illegal immigration. To be clear: the grants organizations receive for this type of daycares at not taxpayer money.

Regadless of your position on illegal immigration, employers could stop the influx of folks coming to work in the United States by using the free E-Verify system, which allows an employer to figure out whether a person is here legally or not. It also checks on a person's work visa status or temporary work permit. 

According to Money Watch: "E-Verify is the name of the free online system that enables employers to check whether the people they hire are telling the truth about who they are. By entering the name, Social Security number, and date of birth of the new hire — something employers already have to collect — they get an answer in seconds about whether the person is an illegal immigrant or not.
This matters because jobs are the main reason foreigners sneak into the United States (or overstay visitor visas). And the large majority of the estimated 11 million illegals work on the books. So the harder it is for an illegal immigrant to get a job, especially an on-the-books job, the less appealing it will be to sneak in or overstay."
If immigrants cannot work in America, they have no reason to make the journey to the United States. 

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