Monday, December 10, 2018

Why Do White Conservative Evangelicals Hate Undocumented Immigrants?

Since the founding of this country, fear-mongering about immigrants or the other has been a useful tactic for white racist politicians who feed their base racial anxiety. So, if it's all white people, why did white Americans hate the Irish & Italians? Simple. Conservatives considered the Irish lazy, dumb, and promoted the idea that they rape "white women." Whites deemed Italian dumb, dirty, uncultured Neandrathals. When society dehumanizes groups of people, it's easy to treat that ethnic group differently without conscious to bias.

Of course, stolen African-Americans during the trans-Atlantic slave kidnappings, conservatives rationalized their brutality by claiming the Africans were undocumented immigrants. I kid you not.

The claim then is immigrants commit a disproportionate rate of crime. But, is that true? Do undocumented immigrants commit more crime than American citizens? The data suggests that's not true.

According to The Root publication: "Study after study has shown that undocumented immigrants are less likely to engage in criminal behavior and less likely to be incarcerated than native-born Americans. In fact, the American Immigration Council reports that higher immigration is associated with lower crime rates.

Trump even faked a Department of Homeland Security report citing the statistic that 3 out of 4 people convicted of terrorism are foreign-born, even though most acts of domestic terrorism are committed by white men."

One of the biggest myths is that undocumented immigrants don't pay taxes, or that immigrants live off taxpayer money. At a federal level, undocumented immigrants don't qualify for anti-poverty benefits; on a state level that may differ. So, depending on state policies, undocumented immigrants could receive state benefits. Even if undocumented, employers must deduct federal, state and local taxes in every paycheck. Most don't even know, undocumented immigrants pay billions a year into social security benefits they'll never receive.

Promoting racial anxiety has been a white American modus operandi. The treachery of conquering and dividing, colonization, redlining, segregation, reappropriation, gentrification; all ensures whites have it better than minorities. If threatened, conservatives shriek with indignation, and someone is to blame for the changing culture, and it cannot be good white evangelical Christians. So, blaming others for societal problems encourages their sense of pious Christianity to destroy others without empathy be it economically or through immigration policies that benefit the heart of the Republican Party.

The useful distinction of conservatives, as opposed to left-leaning, is intentional; I make these distinctions because of scientific studies confirming traditionalists operate on fear. Also, conservatives, in some instances, support strongmen. Look at what Donald Trump told them: "I alone can fix" the problems in America. Although it was a lie, it comforted conservatives who want someone to lead them.

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