Thursday, July 19, 2018

Dear White People: Call The Police For Emergencies ONLY

White folks have black people derangement syndrome. Recently, random white people, caught on camera, calling the police on black folks. Everything from barbequing to selling water to selling candy to fouling a white man in a basketball game; everything is suspect. Are these situations on the rise or are cameras exposing what's already existed? While the public has seen a rise in white people calling the cops on black people for sleeping in a college common room, spitting on a black man over a parking dispute; or a video posted today of a driver calling a black man a nigger for allegedly cutting him off. A Trump-loving CV worker called the police on a black woman for using a coupon. The fiscal conservatives are selective in their conservatism. It's interesting how these Trump supporters project their criminal activity.  A white woman gas station clerky falsely accused a black woman of shoplifting because of her puffy hair.

For starters, dear white folks: calling the police is for emergencies, not blacks living life. Just because you were fouled in a basketball game doesn't give you the right to call the cops.

Is it appropriate to call the police on a 12-year-old girl selling water to earn tickets to Disney World? Truthfully, mind your business. Enjoy your life without bugging other people. When blacks barbeque, calling the police is irritating; I mean, the burgers burn and the hotdogs charcoal

A black family woke up to a disgusting sight. A Trump-loving woman sprayed painted: Hail Trump & Niggers Kept Out.
That's right BBQ Becky, I didn't forget about you. Calling the cops on folks chilling out is a mistake. Truthfully, the cops should have arrested you for wasting their time.

And then, we have Permit Patty. She called the cops on a girl selling water without a permit - trying to earn tickets to Disney World.

Next, we have a white woman harassing a boy selling candy, just trying to earn money & learn responsibility. Of course, a white woman wasn't going to have the kid learn to interact with folks by selling, counting money & gain useful communication skills.

A white woman gas station clerky falsely accused a black woman of shoplifting because of her puffy hair.

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