Monday, July 2, 2018

How The Dixiecrat Revolt Marked The End Of The Solid South

The identity of the Democratic party is their support for the working class. However, the party has a bad and good record on fighting racism & segregation. The South stood in opposition to Civil Rights for Africans. The beginning of the end of the southern Democratic stronghold in 1948. In 1948, at the DNC convention, Democrats voted to include Civil Rights in their platform, which resulted in southern Democrats dramatically walking out of the convention and forming the 'States' Rights Party,' which later became the Dixiecrats. From 1948 thru the 1960s the lowest number of Democratic House seats was 93%.

The goal was to win enough presidential third party votes to send the election to the Congress; however, the southern racists lost. Although they did receive 39 electoral votes. After this, Dixiecrats moved to the Republican Party. Truman advocated for policies that would keep blacks safe. Hubert Humphery defended Civil Rights.

Many poor whites supported the Democratic plans of helping the underprivileged southerners until the plans of the New Deal began to benefit blacks more than whites. Many racist were so discriminatory, they didn't want to share the same drinking fountains and washrooms with Blacks.

The Republican Party played on white southern rage to move them to the GOP, it worked. As the Republican Party became the party for whites and the Democratic Party became the party for African-Americans.

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