Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Role Of Religion In Government

Faith is a personal mission to go through life following the morals, values of the religion you subscribe to. In my case, it's Christianity. Belief is that it's a personal struggle to building a relationship with God and encouraging bringing others to Christ is a daily plan.
That does not mean the government gets to force folks to accept a particular religion. As a Christian, I pray for people both Christians and non-Christians as we all need prayer. Christ is the most influential religious leader in history for a reason. Some who don't believe in God agree Jesus was a moral man. As a Christian, I like when people say good things about Christ. But, like C.S. Lewis said Jesus was either Christ or a madman. 

We see Jesus as a personal Savior. Faith is intimate, and something people hold dear to the heart and implement in their daily life, not under threat of government but under inspiration & the power of their faith.

Any theocratic governments exchange freedom, the freedom of religious liberty, to a totalitarian state, where one interpretation of a single religion controlled by the wealthy dictates all matters according to the analysis of religious leaders, often corrupt religious leaders.

To have religious liberty, the State must be neutral embedding a clause for freedom of religion, which is enshrined in the First Amendment.

The current president breaks God's commandments on a daily basis, yet some religious right Christians discount the obvious in exchange for possible notoriety. Donald Trump, himself, admitted to not asking for forgiveness, which is a cornerstone of the Christian faith; yet conservatives pass Trump off as the most Christian president of their lifetime If accurate, Trump is not a Christian.

Back to religions role in society. If we contend religion has a role in government, we reject the first amendment. Believing in God should shape, mold our lives into the image of Christ, who said people praying publically do so for praise from man, not God. For example, conservatives say school shootings only occurred after we took God out of the classroom. Regardless of your thoughts on school prayer, to blame God for a crazy man goes against the teachings of Christ, who is the prince of peace. Or 9/11 occurred because of homosexuals, the logic takes the responsibility off the perpetrators. Trump is a serial adulterer, bears false witness, and has broken uncountable laws. Instead of going to jail, Trump gets a fine, while a person who sold drugs waits months in prison because of the fact they didn't grow up wealthy. An unjust society in this world is natural, but tying it to a God, to any god is ridiculous.

Christians should love thy neighbor and live according to God's will, which is different for everyone but intersects with the Love of God and His will that all people come to His saving grace.

The government's job is to deal with society as a whole. Although we have different ideas of how government should function and what it should provide, the goals are not religious in nature. Of course, we all bring our religious views, and we shouldn't check them at the door, but we should be mindful that religion cannot influence the role of government. It's important to reiterate, we don't check our religious beliefs at the door of any situation as they are embedded in our being with the passion we have for serving God (those who believe in God), and we shouldn't hide that, but we must know the government isn't run as a theocracy.

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