Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Want To Curb Abortion? Protect Life.

Want to curb abortion? Protect life. Thanks To the Affordable Care Act, under President Obama the abortion rate plummeted. Contrary to right-wing talking points, abortion decreased under Obama. It turns out, providing health care to impoverished folks pays off. I understand the conservative position. Most worry about how to pay for these programs & are they sustainable? Sustainable health care markets work based on the number of people in a pool of coverage. It's true; healthy people pay for sick people, which keeps cost down for the ill but also keeps premiums low for the fit. If healthy people don't pay for insurance, the cost of coverage for sick increases. Forcing people to purchase insurance is wrong, but the reality of value depends on healthy folks.

If done right, removing excessive overhead cost could reduce premiums. The health care system broken for profit creates a policy crisis. Obamacare created a partial fix to a devastating industry. I say industry because healthcare is hundreds of billion dollars a year scam on behalf of insurance companies and the money donated to politicians to push favorable policies for the said business.

The far-left wants abortions with little to no restriction; the far-right wants no choice & if a woman does have an abortion should face jail time. Neither of these positions works. We can protect a woman's right to choose and limit the number of abortions by supporting family planning, and birth control facilities. Some Christians wholeheartedly reject supporting organizations like Planned Parenthood. Others see birth control facilities as a means of curbing abortion through sex education and birth control.

Again, abortion is at a decades-old low because Democrats support health care & expanding coverage.

Women who have abortions need love and mercy, not screaming and slandering them. Lend an ear, without a hint of a condescending tone, to women who have had or are considering an abortion. As a man, I have no right to tell them what to do, but I can treat women with Christ-like love.

Under President Obama, abortion dropped by 30%. This fact lost on conservatives, who called Obama the "abortion president," contrary to evidence suggesting otherwise. The reduction in abortion under Obama is not magic, but the increase in health care funding made a massive difference in the ability for women to gain birth control and needed sex education.

If you abhor abortion, consider caring for the living. Millions of homeless children could use the help. Children in America starve, too. Unfortunately, America focuses on abortion, but don't care about the living. The religious right beating the war drum on abortion (literally) started out of a racist ideology. The religious political right started to keep schools segregated. Abortion was an afterthought. The religious right wanted to get conservatives to the poll & using abortion as a cultural issue worked.

If you consider abortion a sin, no that God washes away sin, even your sins.

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