Friday, July 6, 2018

Why Evangelicals Fetishize Guns

Right wing pastors fetishize the Second Amendment because Americans link firearms to manhood. Pastors, especially those with low self-esteem, use guns as an "inalienable" right. Meaning, the promise to live, means taking a life if appropriate. If a life is in danger, it makes complete sense to shoot a death machine at folks. Self-defense is one thing, but the obsession over tools of death corrupt the teachings of Christ. As a kid, I knew my grandfather had firearms, but he didn't bring them out and show them to us. Grandpa kept his guns locked up & out of sight. I learned later that he has a concealed carry permit; we never saw the gun, yet he was armed. Law abiding gun owners don't feel the need to show off their weapons because they are not toys!

Among white evangelical Christians, a persecution complex is expected. For the downtrodden, evangelicals think God loves them more than other Christians. Guns can reinforce conservative beliefs that God wants folks to have weapons to protect life because God is so pro-life, He wants you to take it.

In fact, self-proclaimed 'prophets' have made a name for themselves by selectively singling out alleged persecution for their programs, podcasts, etc.

The Atlantic: In the United States, evangelical values have often been in tension with public policy and cultural mores, especially in the last several years; this includes recent debates over contraceptives coverage, abortion rights, and the rise of same-sex marriage. Some Christians anticipate major restrictions to religious liberty in the future as a result of these tensions, a concern that is not unfounded. But in anticipating such restrictions, it is easy to imagine, wrongly, that they are already here."

"Evangelical sub-culture plays a huge role in this perception. The “Jesus Freak” movement of the mid-1990s, started by the popular musical group DC Talk, made martyrdom and exclusion hip—these were signs that someone was a “true” Christian. Teens were encouraged by youth-group leaders to read historical accounts of Christian martyrs and reflect on how they could be Jesus Freaks, too. Being a “loser” in the world’s eyes for the sake of Jesus was, paradoxically, cool. But the emphasis, perhaps unintentionally, was on being a “freak,” rather than following Christ and accepting the consequences."

One of the biggest triggers of the Christian Culture War is the mythical War on Christmas. Even though a Christmas war is nonsense, conservatives around the country believe people who say Happy Holidays mean them disrespect. Because Christmas trees aren't in every window ceil, therefore, a War on Christmas?

With this victim complex, you can see why fear sells, especially to white evangelical Christians. I make the distinction between white evangelical Christians and liberal Christians because one feeds on fear while the other enjoys dissecting facts.

Fear, even of the unknown, is a poor way to go through life. Powerful gun lobbies feed on the anxiety of conservatives - telling them the government is one step away from taking your guns. What happens when conservatives hear this nonsense? Gun sales go thru the roof. Fear sells. Victimization & fetishization of firearms is an inevitable outcome from this 24/7 confusion and conservative talk show bitterness. And the rhetoric is getting worse. Now, the left is, supposedly, planning a Second Civil War. What does this do to the already fragile minds of conservatives? Buy more guns, of course. 

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