Thursday, August 9, 2018

Laura Ingraham Seeks Third Resurgence of The Ku Klux Klan

Laura Ingraham is a suspected white supremacist. Meaning, she believes "white culture" is superior to all other cultures. Moreover, Laura Ingraham perpetuates the narrative of white working class ideology by insinuating it's Mexicans crossing the border ruining the economy for a lower-middle-class segment of whites. This racial anxiety pushed by the right because of Trump's finger on the pulse of fly-over states economic/ ethnic tension. It's the immigrants taking your jobs, they say. No. The people crossing the border, albeit illegally, don't control the levers of the economy. In fact, illegal immigrants don't have any power. Hispanics crossing the border don't have enough power (no power at all!) to keep the white man down. It's the billionaire class. The wealthiest Americans are to blame in some instances.

You cannot give people incentive to cross the border by posting ads in Mexico for seasonal work in the U.S. whereby putting lives in danger of making the dangerous trip to America.

What's worse, Ingraham's rhetoric is paving the way for a third resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan. Instead of donning hoods, they wear suits & freshly cut hair.

Even former KKK leader David Duke chimed in with praise for Ingraham.

In a recent segment, Laura posted b-roll of farmers working the fields with trackers and picking crops. Trump imposing tariffs create hardship for some farmers. So, Ingraham plays the oldest card in the book, racism. Instead of blaming single individuals for the problem, you get to condemn swathes of undocumented immigrants; especially those with dark skin.

In 1922, the Klan's Imperial Wizard warned about "the tremendous influx of foreign immigration, tutored in alien dogmas and alien creeds, slowly pushing the native-born white American population into the center of the country, there to be ultimately overwhelmed and smothered." Greg Kruse

Laura Ingraham focuses on playing to a particular demographic, which is the racially anxious white working class.  Whites without a college degree with low wages and little future to see has a punching bag, Hispanics. As long as people can blame undocumented immigrants, the focus shifts from the real problem, which is the morbidly rich. It's not poor immigrants from Mexico and Central America who take jobs; it's big businesses using cheap labor to avoid paying livable wages.

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