Friday, August 31, 2018

The Right Is Exploiting The Murder Of Mollie Tibbett

The death of Iowa college student Mollie Tibbett shocked the nation. It's debatable whether the suspect of the murder entered the country illegally, but what is correct; the man allegedly murdered the young woman. Because of the legal status of the Mexican immigrant, those on the Right made it their mission to blame Democrats for her murder. Even as the family begged Republicans to stop politicising her death for their racist immigration views, they continue attacking those on the Left. Instead of blaming the suspect, Republicans make Mollie's death about their sick twisted views on immigration & of course, brown people.

A week before the murder of Mollie, a white man murdered his pregnant wife & his two young daughters, but the right-wingers remained silent on that case. Immigration hardliners didn't write twenty articles on the need to monitor white men because they murder their families. Their argument is because one alleged immigrant killed a college student that classifies all undocumented immigrants as potential murderers.


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