Friday, August 24, 2018

WATCH: Alabama pastor speaks in tongues demanding prayers for Trump because 'witchcraft's trying to take this country over'

 A pastor in Alabama is urging congregants to pray for the racist monster in the White House. Forces 'witchcraft's trying to take over this country.' Dude, along with rats and roaches (ministers) witches infest your pews. Anyone listening to this idiot pastor & remains seated mocks the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Let no man cause an ungodly fear in you. Fear is not of God neither is the worship of a political leader. Shall we forget, Jesus Christ fought the establishment of his days? Christ threw the greedy (no he whipped the greedy) out of the temple for making merchandise of the people.  And causing a place of worship to fall into the hands of money grubbers.

It goes, we must pray for Trump, the Great White Hope, as some claim because us good white Christians, who have racist ideology seeping from every pour in our being, cannot have this good white man thrown out of office, even with his crimes reaching heaven.

To make a dubious case for Trump oppression, the pastor takes Bible verses out of context, one of which 2 Kings 9:22. People need to understand, Bible passages; especially in the Old Testament, deliver a glimpse of the ancient world as known to the Jewish people of the time. The cultural, philosophical, economic, the religious tradition of that time differ from current culture and understand of what the writers meant. Meaning, the passage the pastor quoted is not pertaining to Christians today. The Bible is not all to us, but it is for Christian understanding. One more time, that does not mean these verses apply to believers in a literal sense today.
Pastor John Kilpatrick of Church of His Presence
Pastor John Kilpatrick, the pastor of Church of His Presence, is a Pentecostal denomination that believes in spiritual gifts, especially speaking in tongues. Kilpatrick, known for his revivals in early in Pensacola, Florida. During a sermon, John noted he didn't want to get political; went on to explain that there's a deep-state, witchcraft conspiracy to take down Donald Trump. And, of course, the John said we need to pray for Trump.

I've never heard these people talk of supporting or praying for President Obama. No, these racist, white supremacist so-called Christians utilize racial anxiety & a victim complex.

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