Friday, August 3, 2018

What Is "QAnon"?

During Donald Trump's campaign-style rallies, people donning "Q" shirts & signs caused a buzz on social media. What the hell is "Q"? It's a baseless conspiracy with more rabbit holes than rabbits. The conspiracy is complicated, so here we go: followers of this conspiracy believe people within the US government, who have Q security clearances, are feeding them what the group calls "crumbs" of classified information. It's believed a group of ten to twelve high-ranking government officials communicate secrets; some claim it's connected to a "Great Awakening."

This conspiracy is popular among right-leaning websites like Reddit, 4Chain & 8Chain.

The disciples of Q claim the president is working with military leaders to overthrow the "deep state" (to them) seen as a shadow government working against Trump.

Last year, before meeting with military leaders, Trump made a cryptic comment "the calm before the storm." Seen by most as another stupid comment, to these conspiracy theorists, it means Trump is communicating with military leaders to keep tabs on the "deep state" and eventually arrest them.

They believe Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election and whether Trump obstructed justice, is working with Trump. Moreover, at the end of Mueller's investigation, arrests will be made. But not the arrests of Trump officials, who blatantly broke the law. No, Obama and Clinton and Bush & celebrities will face jail time.
After all of this takes place, Trump will usher in a Christian revival. Not kidding, they believe this stuff.
The author of "Bread Crumbs" claimed he was a member of the federal government with a Q clearance. Q clearance is a security clearance at the Department of Energy which would grant someone Top Secret access to national security information, among other things.The post was screenshot and posted to Reddit's conspiracy subreddit and, voila, QAnon was born — "Q" for the security clearance, "anon" for anonymous. A month after the 4chan post, a manifesto titled "The Book of Q" was posted to a Google Drive.Since then, the theory has bounced around a million social media sites, shifting and changing as more and more users share it and alter it to fit their needs.
Of course, more angles to this conspiracy exist, which further complicate the information listed in this post; and it might seem funny to most. Could people really believe this? When it comes to ushering in a Christian revival, that part is scary because it appears it is done so with force. I am a Christian, but do not condone violence against anyone.

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