Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Racist Mayor Asked Town To Boycott Nike Gets Destroyed

Old racist white elitist mayor & professor La Plata, Maryland Mayor Jeannine James wrote on her Facebook page that people should boycott Nike because of their support for former-NFL player Colin Kaepernick.

Ms. James' post sparked an immediate backlash, and she eventually removed the post giving an odd response; James was conducting a 'social experiment' on her students, as she's also a professor, but some of her constituents didn't think dividing the town for a social experiment made sense.

Asked whether she had any regrets for posting the initial divisive post, she said she'd do it again. This mayor has taken cues from Trump: never apologize.

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  1. People need to understand why Kaepernick took the knee and the respect that he's showing with his action. Trump is so good at distractions and clouding issues.