Monday, September 24, 2018

White Evangelicals Openly Telling Congregants To Vote Against Their Interests For Tax Cuts For Millionaire Pastors

The conservative movement has become a vehicle for right-wing resentment. White evangelical churches openly-encourage congregants to 'vote red,' which violates the Johnson Amendment, which states churches shall not engage in politics; including telling church-members to vote for specific candidates.

Numerous white evangelical Christians churches claim Trump revoked the Johnson Amendment; only Congress can repeal such a law. White evangelical Christians turned churches into Republican clubs. Pastors spiritually abuse & gaslight members to vote for against their interests for "pro-life" Congressional members.

Spiritual abuse among pastors is nothing new; however, the brazen manipulation of church members is stunning.

Facile: Trump painted a picture of an America that never existed. In his painting, Americans, whites had a perfect utopia and blacks, Hispanics knew their role. His whole shtick, Make America Great Again played on Ronald Reagen's campaign slogan, a racist dog-whistle to disenfranchised white working-class men. It was the Southern Strategy on steroids. Seek angry whites, Democrats, and build a coalition of angry people to rush to the polls.
Moreover, Donald Trump sought and received Religious Right political figures to drag evangelical Christians to vote, against their interests, for a man who's not Christian in the least, yet they claim God elected Trump. And, they honestly believe God stepped in to choose Trump. Therefore, anything Trump does, morally, doesn't matter because God cannot be wrong. I agree God cannot be corrupt, but humans can be and often are wrong.

Growing up, I went to church and had always aligned myself with the fundamental beliefs of the Christian theology. We didn't use the term "evangelical."  It wasn't a useful term, in that, it added nothing to the belief we had in Christ. Nonetheless, the root word means "good news." And to Christians, of course, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is indeed, good news.

I study my Bible and pray daily. I didn't become aware of the strain of Christianity who referred to themselves as evangelical Christians. Nowadays the word is synonymous with conservative white Republican activist Christian. The definition of the word has changed.

Powerful, wealthy right-wing Christian leaders use this religious ideology to manipulate the emotions, religious inclinations of, mostly, white conservative Christians. In some instances, the wealthy Religious Right leaders gas-light congregants to confuse their outlook by replacing the poor behavior of President Trump with "God's will," which is that it is "God's will" Trump be elected. Far be it from God's will.

 The concerns over the term have increased with big-name evangelical Christian support of Donald Trump. Are right-wing words useful? What does it make the world, fellow citizens think about Christians? In my opinion, the politics of the Religious Right has become a thorn in the side of the average believer. Those who identify as Christians but want breathing room between right-wing political activism in the name of Christianity.

The Trump administration prides itself on their "pro-life" stance, yet the women jailed in immigration concentration camps have been denied adequate medical care; some even causing miscarriages. With the debate over a Supreme Court Justice who believes in precedent or activist judges creating new law, issues of women being denied medical care because of who they are are not pro-life. With this lack of compassion in mind, I wanted to take a brief look at the history of the pro-life political movement.

Contrary to the current framing, the religious right didn't form from the Roe V. Wade landmark decision, which legalized abortion. It was far less savvy than sticking up for life. The Religious Right's original mission: segregation. White evangelicals fought desegregation.

Over the past 40-years, the pro-life movement has become more supportive of freedom of speech. They oppose the separation of church and state. Also, if you wonder why conservative Christians oppose the Affordable Care Act or natural insurance, it's been beaten into their heads for decades. Any form of what they see as "state health care" goes against billionaire's pocketbooks; so pastors cherry pick verses and regurgitate sermons opposing health care. Unless you can afford insurance, you don't deserve it. How does this idea appeal to the pro-life movement? The same way they justify the death penalty corresponds with their belief in individualist health care. Afford it or die.

 Don't think for a second conservative Christians can't organize and vote. As we saw in the 2016 presidential election, 80% of white evangelical Christians voted for an admitted sexual predator, racist & unrepentant bigot. The people who shout "liberalism is a mental disorder," don't even realize how the religious right uses them as pawns. Most remain loyal to the Republican party. Some try to remain purist saying "I don't subscribe to either party," but they remain supporters of Donald Trump.

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