Friday, October 19, 2018

After Trump Calls Woman "HorseFace" Conservatives Say, He's Like Jesus

A day after Trump called adult film actress Stormy Daniels horseface, evangelist James Robinson said Donald Trump is a man after Christ's heart. These people have no shame in supporting a spiritually destitute individual like Trump. Trump publically said he hasn't asked God for forgiveness, and that he doesn't do much wrong, is not a Christian. He has never said, unlike Obama did, that Jesus Christ is his savior. Not once. He is not a Christian. Trump is stupid enough to be manipulated by greedy spiritual bastards of Christianity. If these right-wing evangelists believe Trump is saved, they're just as lost.

Conservatives continue to insist Donald Trump supports Jesus Christ. That is to say, evangelical Christians believe Trump is somehow a secret Christian, yet no one can see these Christ-like qualities except for them.

Some conservative Christians (I purposely make the distinction of conservative Christians), believe God appointed Donald Trump as a 'King David' like figure. Yes, someone said that.
How has Trump shown his love of Christ? Is it when he insults women and children? Alternatively, when Trump calls black athletes "sons of bitches," does that represent a Christ I don't know? Or is it when he calls an entire group of people "rapists and criminals"? Is this godsent Trump admired for kicking millions of people off their health care plan?

Conservatives can say, Trump is stomping governmental institutions in their favors; conservatives seem to have leverage & and voice in Trump's ear via Mike Pence's extreme right-wing fanatical Christian views.
Now, I am a Christian, have been all of my life. I pray every day, and read the Bible, within context, daily. However, I am not blinded by this charlatan in the White House.

The difference, most definitely, is that I don't identify as a conservative evangelical. The reason for that is simple: the word evangelical has been bastardized by the Republican Party. When people think of the word, it's synonymous with the Republican Party, which I greatly despise. Therefore, I simply call myself a Christian. Not a conservative Christian, nor evangelical within the Republican Party moral police framework.

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