Monday, October 1, 2018

Kanye West: Abolish The 13th Amendment

Kanye West, on Saturday, tweeted that he wanted to see the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery, repealed. Eliminating the 13th Amendment would re-instate slavery. I realize Kanye said, last year on TMZ, "slavery was a choice." But, that's no excuse to further reveal his lack of awareness.

As of late, Kanye West has been on a pro-Trump crusade. But not just a regular pro-Trump campaign, but a discombobulated narcissistic one.

While the 13th Amendment has been abolished, some see a loophole within regard to prisoners It's unclear if Kanye West meant people in prison. In his initial comment, he did not give an explanation for the nuanced abolishment of the 13th Amendment. Prisoners get very little, if any, pay for work in prison. Most do get "reduced time" on their sentences, which if you're in prison is something positive and something of value, of worth.

But overall, the slavery in the US has been abolished. And, Kanye is misinforming his followers. On Fox News this morning, hosts asked a right-wing troll whose name I will not mention, if what Kanye meant by abolishing slavery? Her bizarre response: blacks people's minds are enslaved, which to be clear, has nothing to do with any Constitutional amendment.

This morning on "The View," Whoopie Goldberg criticized Mr. West for appearing to not know the 13th Amendment had been abolished.

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