Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Trump Berates Dr. Ford, Who Passed A Lie Detector Test, Credible Allegations Of Sex Assault

At a rally in Mississippi, Donald Trump bashed alleged sexual assault victim, Dr. Ford. Dr. Ford is the career professional professor & psychologist, who accused supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault at a house gathering in the early 80s.

Dr. Ford did pass a lie detector test, which is somehow lost on Fox News. I haven't heard them cover in detail that fact.
Trump, like his state television support network Fox News, repeated the lie that Dr. Ford had no witnesses and that everyone said the assault did not happen. In fact, no witness or friend said any of the sorts. One friend said she didn't recall, but she believes Ford's account. Others said they don't remember, which is not the same as saying it didn't happen.

Christine Blasey Ford’s Friend Doesn’t Deny Assault Claim, Lawyer Says Huff Post

Often victims of sexual assault, or any abuse, remember the incident, but not always the surrounding details. For example, people, as Dr. Ford did, recall specific information about the assault, but not for example, how exactly she arrived, who she left with, which are inconsequential to the underlining claim.

In fact, Brett Kavanaugh's calendar gives a date with the same people Dr. Ford said were at a party. He wrote it down on his calendar. Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have pointed out the date & people at the party, the very individuals Christine Ford placed at the party.

I am glad to be in the party where sexual assault is treated serious.

What's more significant about the calendar, Dr. Ford did not see it before her lawyers released her statement; so when she testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Ford did not know about Brett's calendar. However, many people say, Brett, left the evidence for all to see. In his writing.

It is common for us to remember specific incidences in our lives, but not surrounding details, and that can even happen with joyous events. When you found out you were having a baby for the first time, you can remember the joy, panicky feelings; or the first time you lost your virginity; events of consequence. Now if you think about happy memories, you might have locked in your brain, imagine a dramatic, horrible, life-altering event, which changes the course of your life. Healthy relationships with severe trust issues, sexual inadequacies, low-self image, mood swings relating to the event.
The interaction then triggers production of a protein called Arc in neurons in the hippocampus, a brain region involved in processing long-term memory. The scientists think the Arc protein helps store certain memories by strengthening synapses, the connections between neurons in the brain.Jul 26, 2005
Republicans claim too much time has been wasted on checking into this attempted rape, and other allegations, against Kavanaugh because of his family's pain. What the fuck about Dr. Ford's family? If her accusation is true, which I happen to believe it is, then he should not sit on the highest court in the land.

People need to remember, the supreme court has more power than the president. So, for decades to come regardless of a Democratic or Republican president, the supreme court can rule in favor of conservative positions, and that's the goal of the ultra wealthy, not to serve the people.
Remember what Trump said about women?

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