Wednesday, October 3, 2018

White Evangelical Christians Laugh At Attempted Rapist Kavanaugh's Accuser Because They Believe Jesus Would Do The Same

It should come as no surprise to see right-wing evangelical Christians support President Trump's attack on Christien Blasley Ford. Many, otherwise decent, evangelicals, let's be specific, white evangelical Christians believe Judge Kavanaugh's account, without evidence. They dismiss Dr. Ford's credible allegations of sexual misconduct. Kavanaugh has shown himself not only to have lied under oath but to be a drunk, temperamentally unqualified, partisan supreme court justice. Dr. Ford's friends did not say the assault of the party "didn't happen," in fact, Dr. Ford's friend said she doesn't recall, but she believes Dr. Ford. Other friends said they didn't remember the house gathering, which is inconsequential to whether or not the assault occurred.

It's noteable, 83 percent of African-Americans believe Dr. Ford's account, and over all, most of the country believes Dr. Ford. But white evangelicals are more likely to overlook the assault.

Men have been taught to avoid emotions & when confronted with allegations, men have a tendency to compartmentalize rage rather than conflict resolve. If Kavanaugh lied under oath, and he did, how can we believe anything he says?

White, and I have to specify ethnicity because polls do, evangelical Christians do not believe Dr. Ford, not because of her credibility rather the patriarchal system, which is baked into the minds of conservative Christians. "Women are subservient to their husbands." And, accusing powerful white men of misconduct, so long as seen as a conservative Christian, speaks volumes. Women don't have the benefit of the doubt regardless of how credible the allegation. After Dr. Ford testified last week, no one said she wasn't a credible witness. Even the President said Dr. Ford appeared like a "nice person," and "credible."

In many religious cultures, if a woman has sex before marriage, it's seen as her fault. So, a sexual assault victim exposed herself to the possibility of "tempting" a man. If a woman wears provocative clothes, it's her fault that a man lusts after her. Not his lack of self-control.

 Huffington Post

Last night, at a campaign-style rally, Trump mocked Dr. Ford, not just a little swipe, but an all-out assault on her memory, the alleged incident, and her disposition. Now we have idiot conservatives claiming she has "emotional issues," which goes against their position, just last week, that Ford told the truth.

Their new position, yes something happened to her, but it wasn't Brett Kavanaugh despite a calendar (his calendar) placing him at a house gathering with the people Ford put at the party. And, no one has suggested she knew anything about a timeline, which Brett released after Ford released a statement regarding the assault.

Carly Gelsinger of the Huffington Post explains:

White evangelical Christians see women as property. Of course, they wouldn't come out and say it, but everything they believe within a fundamentalist framework points to a worldview where women submit to their husbands, after all, Paul tells Christian women to "submit to their husbands as man is the head," and man "submits to Christ," as Christ is the head of the Church and man is head of the woman.

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