Wednesday, November 14, 2018

By Embracing Bigotry, The Religious Right Is Losing Members

A lot of people have walked away from the right-leaning evangelical church, which has increasingly become a haven for the Republican party. Not lost is the toxicity of rampant racism and hatred on the part of Donald Trump. Wealthy church leaders love Donald Trump. His white nationalist rhetoric and showman style of politics is exciting to them. Moreover, Trump acts as a "strong man," but not because he's smart to the contrary, Trump has low self-esteem. Any church leader who speaks against Trump is labeled a hater of God. No, seriously; they believe this stuff. Now, we must distinguish between white evangelical and non-white evangelical Christian, because there is a difference among demographic supporters. Nearly 80% of white evangelical Christians support Donald Trump while a merely 20% of non-white evangelicals support Trump.

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