Wednesday, November 21, 2018

College Woman Disowned Because She Wouldn't Attend Gay Conversion Therapy

Emily Scheck, a 19-year old New York state college student, found herself "cut-off" by her parents after they discovered her sexual orientation on social media. The conservative Christian family, apparently, does not agree with homosexuality.
(Washington Post)

Her parents gave her an ultimatum: come back to upstate New York & participate in conversion therapy, or else. Emily Scheck attends Canisius College on a partial Cross Country athletic scholarship. After Emily refused to go to treatment (denounced by the American Psychological Association) and magically become straight, they disowned her.

Needless to say, she refused her parent's request. After being cut off by her parents, Emilie's friend raised $58,000. The initial goal was $5,000. When the NCAA got wind of the funds raised, they threatened to cut her scholarship because it goes against their rules. After public outcry, the NCAA reversed their decision and allowed her to keep the money.

“Canisius and the NCAA will continue to work together in support of Emily,” the university said in a statement. “She is a member of the Canisius family, and we will do whatever we can to assist her.” RawStory   
"Sexual orientation conversion therapy refers to counseling and psychotherapy to attempt to eliminate individuals' sexual desires for members of their own sex. ... Typically, sexual orientation conversion therapy is promoted by providers who have close ties to religious institutions and organizations."

Emilies parent's said there's more to the story & they were only using the threat of disavowal to scare her to come and participate in the harmful therapy.
“It’s a private family matter,” Timothy Scheck said. “We love our daughter. We accept Emily.”

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