Friday, December 7, 2018

A Sneak Peak: Chapter 5 of a Book I am Writing

  The Christmas tree is up; red, gold & green lights fashioned on fleek with a silver star on top. "Finally," Jen said as she wipped her hands on her jeans. "I'm done with this Christmas tree. I'm done hanging the stockings. And. I've done enough cooking for a large family." She loves this time of year, especially with Ben and the baby. "Close your eyes," she told Ben. He placed his hands over his eyes. Click, she hit the lights and a beautiful array of lights flickered.
     "Good job," his eyes opened wide. Ben clapped. "You really are something special."
     "About noon every day, I'm exhausted," Jen said as she deeply yawned & shifted her shoulders. The bags under her eyes said as much.
     "Why do you think that is?" Ben asked. She softly touched the side of her face. She sat on the living room floor wrapping Christmas presents one after another.
     "I don't know," she said. She raised a finger, "it might have something to do with the medicine Dr. Martha gave me." Her frown shifted her eyebrows to an angry disposition. Jen's green & red New Found Glory Christmas sweater read: Make It A My Friends Over You Christmas.
     "We'll get through this," Ben consoled. He sat with his hands wrapped around a Starbucks coffee cup. "Are things going well with counseling?" He leans in to embrace her; she looks at him & nods... "Well...about as good as expected." She tears up, "I just feel sad all of the time." She holds him close. "The problem is you and the baby make me happy." He wipes away her tears with a tissue. "I have never been happier," she lowers her head.
     "Postpartum depression maybe?" He questioned. "It's more common than you think." He traced the tension on her very luscious lips. 
     "I was thinking the same thing," she said. "Maybe it is a form of clinical depression."  Mental illness doesn't run in my family though, she thought. Jen moved closer to the heater and placed her fingers directly in front of it. The blasting heat helped scale back the fear of undiagnosed mental issues.
     "Come here," Ben said. He didn't know about depression. But he did know what it meant to be in love with her.

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