Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Trump Withdraw From Syria Giant Christmas Gift to Putin

Donald Trump on Wednesday gave Russia a giant early Christmas present. He decided to pull out of Syria in a "rapid" manner boasting, he destroyed ISIS! The United States has done no such thing. ISIS remains a violent & chaotic menace in the Middle East. While ISIS has lost some control in the Middle East, it has not been diminished or destroyed. Radical terrorist groups watch for an opportunity to reemerge and return to power. Regardless of the politics of American imperialism, the United States set Iraq & Syria on fire & now, Trump claims victory? According to the United Nations, 20,000 to 30,000 ISIS fighters remain in Syria. So Trump claiming he destroyed ISIS is at best premature.

The United States did not have a direct role in the Syrian civil war, but the chaos brought by the Iraq war did not help. It left swathes of the region in rebel control, who were unable to fight, or unwilling to fight the radical terrorist organization.
By last year, ISIL was militarily defeated and largely driven out of all major cities [File: Reuters]

(Photo: Aljazeera)

America has no plans of leaving Afghanistan, a place the U.S. should leave, but pull out of a war-torn region with mass instability. The Syrian civil war continues. And with over 250,000 dead & no sign of reconciliation in sight, the problem could only get worse.

Russia, Turkey & Iran would like nothing more than for the United States to leave the area. Why Trump would reward Russia while at the same time leaving the United States troops stuck in Afganistan is mindboggling.

Russia's geopolitical aspiration is total dominance in the Middle East. When America withdraws from the world stage, Russia emerges as the superpower on the scene. If Russia has any goal, it's to replace America's role as the number one world superpower & to build Russia as leader of the free world.

Regardless of one's view on the Russia probe, it's not difficult to presume Donald Trump's abdication of the role of American power in the Middle East & handing America's role to Putin is worrisome.

Most American's want out of endless wars, this sentiment is valid. If the illegal invasion of Iraq hadn't taken place, stability in the Middle East remains. Since America did invade Iraq, without cause, mass migration has overrun European countries as migrants flee Iraq, Syria & even war-torn African countries of which America has played a role.

Moreover, America is leaving Kurdish forces out to dry. The Kurds have been a staunch ally in the fight against terrorist organizations, but now they have little if any help. Kurdish forces may be at the mercy of Turkish forces.

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